High Speed Inlaid Dropper Tape Equipment

High Speed Inlaid Dropper Tape Equipment

DS-DGD-NX400 -2021061301

★ Production line equipment
1. SJ-85 single screw extruder 1 set
2. Patent type net changer 1 set
3. Film selector 1 set
4. Mold 1 set
5. Empty container and water treatment system 1 set
6. Traction and punching machine 1 set
7. Winding machine and savings transition frame 1 set

1.SJ-85 single screw extruder

1.1 Screw and barrel:
A) Screw diameter: φ85
Screw material is made of high quality alloy steel (38CrMoALA), after quenching, nitriding and spraying double alloy (Ni65) treatment, hardness HV950-1050.
B) The material of the cylinder is made of high quality alloy steel (38CrMoALA). After tempering and nitriding treatment, the nitriding depth is 0.6-0.7MM and the hardness is HV950-1050. The inner wall is made of special structure, which has the advantages of strong processing capacity, stable pressure, low wear and low noise.

1.2 Drag the System:
A) Servo motor: Power: 66KW
Rated speed: 1500rpm
B) Gear box:
The gear box is designed for the plastic extruder ZLY225 supporting the use of high precision hard tooth surface with thrust seat transmission device, the use of three-axis double-stage reduction mechanism, in line with JB/T9095.1-1999 standards, gear, gear shaft adopts high strength alloy steel, processing accuracy of 6 levels, with small volume, High bearing capacity, smooth transmission, low noise, high efficiency, has reached the international advanced level.
C) Drive motor and gear box are driven by plum coupling

1.3 Barrel heating system:
A) Heater form: ceramic heater (outer stainless steel protection)
B) Number of barrel heating: 6 zones

1.4 Barrel cooling system:
A) Barrel cooling mode: strong fan air cooling
B) Number of strong fans: one by one corresponding to the heating ring
C) The barrel is provided with a water cooling system in the feeding area, and the cooling medium is tap water

1.5 Automatic feeder with dryer:
A) Heating power 6.5kw
B) The maximum feeding capacity is 300kg/h

1.6 Electrical control system:
A) Industrial computer control system is adopted for overall control:
Electric control cabinet: (using industrial control computer) with automatic fault detection and notification function, reduce the fault analysis and judgment of maintenance personnel. Such as: heating system, each heater failure analysis, each motor and private service failure, drip leakage, pipe holes and a series of failures can be displayed on the computer screen. You can also record, open the computer 24 hours back to check the record. Optional printing control system, through the printer directly generated two-dimensional code and record in the server. By scanning the QR code, you can know all the information in the production of the product.
The main motor adopts frequency converter/DC governor, industrial computer special temperature module temperature control, 12 temperature control areas, temperature measuring element adopts thermoelectric corner control precision ±1℃, temperature measuring device adopts compensation wire, correct the deviation in the transmission process, heater, control heating system on and off, stable and reliable.
Air switch with handle rotary air switch, Delisi contactor. And ensure that the electrical lines arranged neatly, clear color, label accurate. Main engine with melt pressure display, with automatic fault alarm device, full line computer control.
Core technology: 1. Internet of Things remote service, the company provides free background server.
2. Mobile phone online monitoring/office computer monitoring can be opened for users.
B) Speed regulation mode:
Main engine speed control form: famous frequency conversion governor, high energy saving and stable. The whole machine is equipped with automatic pressure closed-loop compensation and quantitative extrusion function.
C) Control panel with current, alarm, speed display and other functions, beautiful and generous appearance.

Type 150 constant pressure quantitative extrusion equipment (patented product)

1. 1 set of 4KW private driving and private motor, 1 hard gear reducer
2. One high temperature solution flow gauge, using SKD2 material imported from Germany for the product

2. Flat belt tractor (Model QY-NY380, patented product)

1. Traction motor power: 1*3KW
2. Speed regulation mode: private service drive
3. Flat roller form: crawler type.
4. The biggest advantage of the tractor is stable operation, low noise, small compression area of the product, so that the product should not be injured. Large friction resistance, not easy to slip.
5. Adjustment mode: pneumatic compression device
6. Maximum linear speed of traction: 470 m/min
7. Effective traction length: 1000mm
8. Flat tape width: 80mm
9. Meter length mode: photoelectric signal source coder meter length
10. Traction pipe diameter range: φ14,16, 20mm
11. Punching motor power: 400w (servo motor) *4
12. Punching method: mechanical punching including chip absorption device
13. The patch spacing can be set anywhere from 100 to 1000mm
14. The perforating image system is equipped with a high-speed camera to detect each perforating effect. Effectively prevent unqualified products from being involved in finished products.
15, equipped with drip head leakage and missing drip head detection and alarm device.

3. Winding machine and savings transition frame

1. The number of winding stations is 2 stations
2. Automatically replace volumes
3. The tension control system (patented products) controls the tightness of each winding package
4. Servo motor control wiring to ensure the uniformity of wiring, so that the product is beautiful
5. Servo motor power 3KW
6. Coil diameter: 550mm
7. Pulse meter
8. During the production process, leakage head winding will automatically change the packaging of each roll of product quality
9. In the production process, the rotten hole of drip irrigation belt will be automatically changed to pack the product quality of each roll

4. Filtration System (patented product)

It is not convenient to introduce for now, but field inspection and material testing can be carried out (the biggest core technology is that the labyrinth dropper can be used to regenerate particles. As long as the particles are produced according to the technical requirements provided by the company, the company can promise to produce products in line with agricultural water-saving irrigation standards)
1. The material is made of high quality alloy steel (P20), after conditioning treatment, the runner is plated with hard chromium
2. Net change mode: hydraulic plus mechanical

5. Film selector

1. Rotary diameter 1200/1400mm
2. Output: 1500~3000 pieces per minute (the length of the dropper itself should be less than 30mm)
3. Select a single row
4. The device has the function of reverse film elimination, to ensure that the selected drip pass rate of 100%

6. Die head

1. Die head material: The die adopts P20 imported special die steel tempering treatment, and the runner surface of the die is polished and plated with hard chromium.
2. The internal pressure of the die head head is uniform. The biggest characteristic of the head is that the flow of the feed passage is strengthened, and the maintenance is more convenient.
3. The die head heating ring is made of stainless steel mica and double insulation layer. The temperature can be controlled and monitored in real time.
4. The sizing sleeve of the mold is made of alloy copper. Sizing sleeve with cooling water ring, cooling effect is good.

7. Vacuum caliper (Model NX400)

1. Applicable pipe diameter φ14, 16, 20mm
2. The length of empty container is 3000mm
3. Turbine vacuum pump, low noise, no vibration, stable operation 1.1kwx1
4 pump power high temperature super quiet circulation pump, the main advantages of the pump is stable water pressure, low noise, high temperature. 3 sets
5. Cooling mode: the front section of the empty tank is 3m long. The water pump system uses circulating water in the tank, and the cooling water is recycled. The rear section 6m adopts spray type box. Water level float control.
6. Setting table adjustment function three-dimensional function that up and down, left and right, front and back adjustment
Equipped with domestic famous brand chiller, compressor imported Danvers brand
7. Water treatment system includes: chiller, filter
8. Equipped with rotten hole inspection and alarm device
9. The blow-drying device uses an air knife generated by strong air pressure to remove moisture