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Electrical control system

A) Industrial computer control system is adopted for overall control:
Electric control cabinet: (using industrial control computer) with automatic fault detection and notification function, reduce the fault analysis and judgment of maintenance personnel. Such as: heating system, each heater failure analysis, each motor and private service failure, drip leakage, pipe holes and a series of failures can be displayed on the computer screen. You can also record, open the computer 24 hours back to check the record. Optional printing control system, through the printer directly generated two-dimensional code and record in the server. By scanning the QR code, you can know all the information in the production of the product.
The main motor adopts frequency converter/DC governor, industrial computer special temperature module temperature control, 12 temperature control areas, temperature measuring element adopts thermoelectric corner control precision ±1℃, temperature measuring device adopts compensation wire, correct the deviation in the transmission process, heater, control heating system on and off, stable and reliable.
Air switch with handle rotary air switch, Delisi contactor. And ensure that the electrical lines arranged neatly, clear color, label accurate. Main engine with melt pressure display, with automatic fault alarm device, full line computer control.
Core technology: 1. Internet of Things remote service, the company provides free background server.
2. Mobile phone online monitoring/office computer monitoring can be opened for users.
B) Speed regulation mode:
Main engine speed control form: famous frequency conversion governor, high energy saving and stable. The whole machine is equipped with automatic pressure closed-loop compensation and quantitative extrusion function.
C) Control panel with current, alarm, speed display and other functions, beautiful and generous appearance.